Due to my enthusiastic commitment to customer service, many satisfied clients have submitted letters of thanks.  Here are a few treasured sentiments from recent clients.   If you would be interested in receiving a variety of letters of recommendation please e-mail that request today so they can be sent over. Thanks again and if you have any other requests for information regarding buying or selling be sure to visit the request information section.

Arrowhead Lakes sale

December 20, 2013


When we decided to sell our home after being longtime residents of Arrowhead Lakes, we decided to call you. In part, because we saw your signs for several years, but also because we had heard how good you were.  We wanted someone that we could deal with directly, not like some realtors that list your home and you never see them again. We were impressed by your marketing skills and how hard you worked on every lead that came our way. With your help our home looked beautiful and sold when many others did not. Thanks Again Patti!

Joe and Patti Tomei

Jean & Mark Morgan

Dear Patti,
We have seen your name in the neighborhood for several years now. When it came time to sell our home you were the first person we called. I knew instantly that you would be the one that we would choose to sell our home. What an amazing experience it was!
You introduced us to Patrice who with her incredible eye helped stage our house to beyond our expectations. I have never had such a positive experience with a realtor who quickly became our friend. Spending time with you and Patrice and your husbands was such a bonus. I know our friendship will not end here.
Your dedication, attention to detail, thoroughness, caring and follow up simply overwhelmed us both. You were with us every step of the way including on days when you didn’t need to be. I know you also felt the connection.
I asked you before we were ready to list how soon you would sell our home. You quickly replied two weeks. After we listed I asked you how soon we would sell our home and you said three days. As to your style you under-promised and over-delivered it sold in two and a half days.
You work tirelessly and with such warmth and affection you will always be our fiend. As I told you I would tell the world what we think about you and recommend you to everyone.
I know why I choose you and why you are such a great producer for your company.
You are just flat out incredible.
Patti words cannot express our appreciation and gratitude for all that you do.

Larry & Barb Jurgens

Patti....Thank you for assisting with our recent home sale.  We selected you as a realtor because of your promotion and marketing methods that seemed above the usual, including the video presenting our home at its very best.  We favored the idea of web sites outside of our community to promote our home, and even your For Sale sign in the front of the house is unique and
eye-catching...everyone stops to pick up a flyer.  The fact that our home sold in three weeks in this very slow market is incredible.  Potential buyers had many, many purchase options, extremely nice homes that had been on the market for a long period of time.  But, our home sale was a winner, thanks to our realtor.  Thank you, Patti!


"No one fights harder for you than Patti Wells. You will be very glad that she is on your side. In my life, we have bought 15 homes all across the country. As a result, we have worked with many, many real estate agents. Patti has been involved in our purchase of three of these 15 homes. She is the best real estate agent we have worked with ever and that includes some pretty good comparisons against major real estate agents in large markets. She knows how to market a home. She personally invests in making sure that your home puts it's absolutely best foot forward. No one does this better than she does. She aggressively and fairly negotiates in your behalf. She is exceptionally thorough and often finds those little things in negotiation that can make a big difference. She works overtime to make sure that all of the details required to bring a purchase to a successful conclusion happen and happen when they are supposed to. She is relentless. As Patti will tell you, I am no pushover. Praise is not something I take lightly and in her case it is very easy to praise her for work that is superior compared to any other real estate agent."

Richard Haasnoot

I understand that you are attempting to be the listing agent on upscale property.  While you have not requested a testimonial, I feel strongly about your positive contribution in helping us sell our home that I wanted to provide the following.

To whom it may concern:

We consider Patti Wells to be the best agent we've ever had in helping us to sell a home.

As background, we have sold about 20 homes in many major markets across the United States.

There are several qualities I think you should be aware of that Patti brings to the job of selling your home.  First, she works very hard to sell your home.  Her energy and commitment level are high.  Second, she brings great ingenuity and creativity to the job of selling your home.  Everything from her staging to her website to her flyers to her personal selling of your home are of the highest quality.  Third, analytically she is on top of the market and has her finger on the pulse of what is happening in your neighborhood.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more detail.
Patti, please feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit from our experience in working with you.

Robert D. Guillory - Captain, Southwest Airlines

Looking for the Best Real Estate Agent in Town:   PATTI WELLS of Reality Executives in the Glendale/Arrowhead Lakes area office.  I interviewed over a dozen real estate agents, and no one even came close to Patti.  Even in today's depressed market, Patti postured and sold the home within 30 days withing the price range that we had agreed upon.  I realized over $25,000 above all the other interviewed agent recommendations.  From home sale preparation, marketing, and showmanship; Patti and her crew provided a service was simply outstanding - above and beyond all the other agents I interviewed.  Patti was highly recommended to me and I am passing on my highest recommendation as well.

Richard Haasnoot

This testimonial is special to me as it was sent  by a very discriminating client with high expectations and high standards.  I earned their business and I am grateful to say I have earned their friendship.  Very meaningful to me.  My seller, then buyer client thoughtfully sent this letter to my mentors and trusted advisors he knew I valued with gratitude.   Dale Clayton and Barbara Lang of Realty Executives drilled 'excellence' combined with knowledge, skill, ethics, goal-setting and meaningful service to our client into me. The program I graduated from was Realty Executives "Executive Launch" advanced sales and marketing program.  I wouldn't have the ability to maneuver in a challenging market with confidence  if they did not give me my "excellence" training in real estate in all markets.  I am so proud to post this testimonial:

This shares my very high regard for Patti Wells.  She recently represented us in the sale and purchase of a home.

As background we have owned over 12 homes all over the country which means we have had more than 20 agents on the buy and sell side since we seldom used an agent for both buy and sell.  

Patti Wells is by far the best agent we have ever had help us…the best selling and the best buying agent.  There are some clear qualities that make her our best ever agent:

1.     She is a VERY hard worker.  She hustles and was constantly there to help us answer questions or go see a home.  Even though she earned full commissions on more than $1M of transactions she may have earned minimum wage if you add all the hours up that she worked.  

2.     She is exceptionally professional.  Everything from her staging, video tour, brochures, signs, etc. were best ever work.  She uses very good creativity to develop inspired solutions.

3.     She is very knowledgeable.  This current market is a real mess to truly know values, but she helped us navigate the process in way that produced a winning outcome.  

4.     She cares.  Prior to Patti we used one of the Valley’s top agents but he had many other priorities and his head was not really into the process.  Patti is in the game and really wants her buyers/sellers to achieve their goals.  Many/most agents want the pay check in the easiest, least work method. Not Patti.

Selling and buying took us about a year and we ended up selling for $180K less than we started, but because the market is relative we ended up beating our overall goals.  

Again, our conclusion that Patti is our best agent ever is based on having experience with about 20 other agents in our life.  Against that base, Patti is head and shoulders above #2.

Thank you

Nan Howlett

Dear Patti, Words cannot adequately express our gratitude to you for your professionalism, positive attitude and the numerous times that you went out of your way to be helpful to us. The first time, right in the midst of the real estate downturn in 2009, we were selling the condo of my mother -in- law in Sun City. You helped us find all the workmen, painters, tile layers, plumbers, gardeners and others needed to update the condo. You supervised their work, so that I did not have to drive from Scottsdale, and made helpful, tasteful, money-saving suggestions. Then you staged it attractively, listed it and sold it at a very favorable price in a very difficult market. Most recently I was looking for a condo for my mom in Sun City. You personally previewed the properties in her price range, negotiated very favorable lease terms for her, followed through very quickly with great kindness and personal attention to her needs. You saved us loads of time, and you made the whole process efficient, stress-free and pleasurable. Thank you so much for everything! I cannot overstate how much you have helped us, and I will always recommend you to all my friends. You are wonderful!

Jose & Carmela Ventura

Hi Patti,

Hope you are doing well. I just want to thank you for all you have done. You did so much for us during the short sale of our 1st home and now thanks to you we have a new home. After so many ups and down in that last few years you have always dedicated your time to help us through the good and bad. Now that we are finally, back on our feet we now have a home to call our own.  Thank you again for all that you do, you are a true professional. You’re also a great friend and an important part of our family, thanks again.

Shelley Norris Former Arrowhead Resident now happily living in Texas.

To All,
I had actually spoken to Patti a couple of months before I put my home on the market, and in our conversation I could hear the confidence and competence in her ability to push or a great sell.  In the mean time I had completed the last items on my list to prepare for sale.
When Patti and Patrice arrived I knew right away that I needed to look no further to find the right agent to to complete my sale.  The virtual tour on line was phenomenal.  They used their expert staging abilities to capture anybodies heart. The home actually sold in about three weeks form that tour.  The final sell occurred in about three months.  This was in a market that was taking people a year to sell their homes.
IF PATTI CAN'T SELL IT, NOBODY CAN. She's the best!  And you can take that to the bank!

Helen and Glenn Chang


Thank you for your service.You did a good job for us.  We are so thankful for that.

Carmela Ventura

Hi Patti,

I wanted to take some time and let you know how thankful I am for all your help on our short sale and what a great agent you are. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for all the dedication and work you put into our short sale. For a year you stood by us and never gave up even when my husband and I were ready to. Even with all the difficulties in dealing with the banks and negotiating the short sale you always kept our best interest at heart. I know no other agent would have done what you did for us.  

I remember the first time I spoke with you months before we decided on the short sale. You offered to take the time to meet with us and look at our home no questions asked, that’s when I knew you were the right agent to help us with the sale of our home. Now thanks to you our short sale is done and our family has been able to move on and have a fresh start. After dealing with our hardship we are finally getting back on feet and making plans for our family’s future.

Thank you again and I hope we will be in contact soon. It will be a pleasure having you as our agent again in the near future.

Steve and Desiree Hamilton


 We could not have asked for, nor found, a better team to market and sell the house than you, Patrice and Roy.  It was care and service well beyond what was expected and we are very appreciative.
 ....We're quite pleased with the selling price and are even more pleased about working with you.  We really appreciate how thorough you are and how well you communicate.

Melissa and Rob Brauer


...we are loving out new house and wouldn't have found it without your help.  We are so grateful for everything you did to get us here...and to make it home.  We love all the paint and especially the work done in the kitchen by Larry.  Thank you....you will have to come over soon and see how it looks now that we are settled.

Many, many thanks.

Susanna, Paolo and Stellina DeLucia

Dear Patti,

...I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart not only for being an unforgettable agent but for becoming a great friend!  As you remember I interviewed 5 agents and selected you as I felt you spoke from the heart and had our home at your best interest.  You kept every promise made...from staging, to marketing and holding fabulous open houses.  You won out of you way to sell our home in record time, in a changing market and at top price.  Magnificent!  Most of al I will never forget the support you and Dave gave me after my husband left me behind so he could start the business here in Florida...you both were amazing.  The suggestions and advice you gave were essential and unforgettable.  You were on top of things from day one..never missing a beat!  The way you handled the multiple offers and then the final one (with all the demanding moments--unbelievable) was extraordinary!  I will never forget driving through Texan on my way to Florida and you keeping me abreast on the walk-through! And then in Louisiana you faxed me the last papers.  More than anything you were checking up on me to make sure Stellina and I were doing alright. Thank you....We await you both for some good wine...you are the best....


Hi Patti...My Dear Patti:

I want you to know how much I appreciate and love you for all of your hard work and making the sale of my house a pleasant experience.  From the listing to the closing of the sale you are a true professional.   Even though the housing market was not great you listened to my needs and  managed my expectations.  I loved the staging that you and Patrice just magically seem to do.  A neighbor came just to look at the house because she had heard by the grapevine that my house had been "professionally" decorated and was absolutely beautiful.
The timing of the sale  and the closing were phenomenal  and were perfectly coordinated  with my retirement, my moving date and the closing of my new house in Oklahoma.

Kathi Schumacher

Patti:  Sorry this took me so long to get to you. I certainly could have written a long bit, but I thought brevity was best.  Hope this conveys how great you are!!

My husband and I made the right choice for a seller’s agent when we selected Patti Wells to sell our house in July, 2005.  Patti gave my husband and me a remarkable presentation on how she planned to market, list and sell our home.  She understood the ever-changing market, did a detailed market analysis and listed our home to represent top market value.

Once that was completed, she advised us how best to present our home to prospective buyers.  Once listed on the multiple listing service, she immediately notified others realtors of the listing.  A beautiful, highly visible Realty Executive sign was clearly displayed in the front and rear of the house.  Patti gave our listing great exposure through neighborhood mailings and an online virtual tour, which was invaluable for out-of-town lookers (one of whom bought our home).

Patti was present though-out the home-selling process:  qualifying buyers, contract negotiation through several offers that resulted in getting us the best buyer for our home, the inspection process and overseeing our repairs, pro-actively being present for appraisal, being present for buyer’s walk-through, etc.  Everyday she relayed information and feed-back to us on activity that day.  Once our house went under contract, she found us a cost-effective and suitable temporary rental property while our new home is being built.

I highly recommend Patti Wells as a seller’s agent and a buyer’s agent.  She is a very hard worker who goes above and beyond to help buyers and sellers.  Patti is quite knowledgeable on real estate matters and continues to bring successful results to her clients.  Excellence is her habit!!!

Jennifer Saron

My experience with Patti Wells was ‘fabulous’ during the sale of my luxury custom home in Verrado, as well as the purchase  of my Scottsdale home!  Patti acted as the consummate real estate professional with the highest of ethical standards.  I always felt I was very represented and that my in best interests were always at the forefront of her thinking.  Patti is always well informed as to market trends and counseled me every step of the way in selling my house and then finding the ‘right fit’ house, and negotiating to get me the right price and terms to meet my goals.  Patti always had a well-thought out strategy that brought about a satisfactory conclusion to a series of challenging events during the listing period.  Patti committed her time, resources and creative energies into  merchandising and marketing  my property which attracted the eventual buyer of my home!  Patti’s reasoned calm and attention to all the details large and small made my experience as stress-free as possible.

It goes without Patti will be my life-long realtor and friend.  I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Margaret Vazquez

Dear Patti,

We are pretty well settled in our new home in sunny Florida.  Lots of green grass, trees, flowers and birds.  Quite a difference from the desert.

Patti, I must say that you were the hardest working real estate person I have ever encountered.  From the very beginning of our association, you worked to present my Arizona home to its optimum beauty.  It sold immediately due to your professional handling of all aspects regarding sale and finalization of same.

If you need or want a recommendation you can certainly use me as a very satisfied customer.

Much continued success.

Excellent Advice

“I offer to write a testimonial for Patti’s website because the comments of her clients before me helped me to choose Patti as my agent. My experience was uniformly wonderful, from the immediate follow through on all details to the personal aspects of Patti’s interactions with my family. We sold soon after listing in a highly competitive market, and that is due to Patti’s excellent advice and the strategy she used to position my home to sell. My best advice is to choose Patti as your agent and follow her suggestions.”

Kathi Schumacher

Patti:  Thanks for going out of your way!!

To help us sell our house so quickly.  You did a fantastic job as our realtor.  The best we've ever had.  You are well on you way to becoming a "million dollar producer" this year!  We would also like to thank you for the basket of goodies and our customized book showing our house sale from start to finish.  You are so thoughtful and a great friend, and thanks to Dave, too since he is part of your team.

PS  Distance is nothing--we are only 3 miles away.

Patrice & Roy

"...Once again, Patti, you are the perfect combination of competent, professional and genuinely warm which has made our "searching" process a lot of fun (which is the way it should be)!!!"

Karlen S

Dear Patti,

I wanted to thank you for all of your help in finding my condo.  You made the process easy and stress-free.  I am sorry it has taken so long for me to invite you over to see my place.  Busy, busy lives!!

After making my improvements, I am somewhat sad to see it. I hope to find someone who will enjoy it as much as I have--I think that's a felling that most people have when selling their first real home.  Thanks again for your help!


Thanks again for all that you've done. We know you've gone way above and beyond........I think that should take care of almost everything....Patti, we are so thankful that we had you representing us. You have done so much for us. We really do appreciate it. You are so awesome at what you do.  And we hope to take you (& hubby) out for dinner someday.

Joe Giovale

Thank you so much for all that you've done.  I can honestly say, I've not been impressed by any other Realtor, as much as I have with you.  You've made me a customer for life!  And a referral machine too!